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Universal Business and IT Solutions Limited provides comprehensive backup solutions that meets your requirement. Our solutions ranges from cloud to dedicated backup servers that performs unattended backups, ensuring that your crucial data is always available in case of a disaster.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery, or DR as it is often referred to as the process of recovering IT and business systems due to a disruption in service. At Universal Business and IT Solutions Limited, we understand that just one hour of downtime could have a huge impact on your business reputation and your revenue. That’s why we offer a robust set of disaster recovery solutions that are designed around the needs of your business and the systems you have in place.

Disaster recovery isn’t just a consideration for large organisations. Small and medium sized businesses need to review disaster recovery plans too. Hardware failure, data loss, a malicious network attack or even a natural disaster could bring your business systems crashing to its knees. The best disaster recovery plans are those that take every disaster risk into account and which are tested, proven and ready to put into action the moment a problem strikes.

Downtime of your business systems could have the following consequences:

  • Loss of business and customers
  • Cash flow issues
  • Damage to your reputation
  • Inability to pay staff
  • Loss of critical data

Can we ask you a question?

How long would your business be able to function if one or more of your critical business systems was down? could be your email server, a document server or your SharePoint server. For businesses trading online, a web server failure could be catastrophic to profits and online reputation.

UBIT Solutions ltd gives you access to a wide range of disaster recovery solutions that will ensure your systems, data and network are seamlessly and quickly recovered should a system failure occur. Using virtual servers, a solid redundancy plan, automatic fail-over and a solid data protection strategy, we will protect your business and your reputation from damage. We will also formulate a data backup plan that will protect the integrity of your data and ensure it can be recovered and restored in moments. Your clients or customers will never know a thing.